Using the Giphy API

What's more fun than putting LOLCATS on your page? And getting a random, different animated cat every time? We can easily do this using the awesome Giphy API!

In this case, we're telling Giphy to give us:

  • One image
  • Chosen at random
  • "G" rated
  • Search keywords "funny cat"
  • And we provide the "public beta" API key (See their notes about usage)
Try reloading this page a few times

Here’s a way to fetch, parse, and render the GIF using Javascript’s awesome Fetch API and jQuery for presentation. (Assume we have a div on our page called #fetch-result). Note that Fetch API’s support isn’t yet that great, so we’re using a polyfill to extend support across browsers.

jQuery(function($) {
	fetch('').then(function(response) { 
		return response.json();
	}).then(function(my_result) {
		$('#fetch-result').html('<img src="''">');

And, here’s an easy way to do it using PHP’s json_decode() and file_get_contents() functions.

	$giphy = json_decode(file_get_contents(''));
	$gif = $giphy->data->image_url;
		echo '<img src="'.$gif.'">';
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